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Play ground rennovations begin February 13, 2017. Full details available to all homeowners registered on this website. Check out "pages and links" tab, Notices. 



We are a neighborhood located in the center of San Francisco on the western face of the city’s highest peak, Mount Davidson. It was heavily-forested land remote from downtown San Francisco, when the Mason-McDuffie Company sought in 1912 to create a residence park that embodied the highest ideals of early twentieth century landscaping and architecture. Laid out by the Olmsted Brothers, St. Francis Wood attracted some of the Bay Area’s most accomplished architects including John Galen Howard, Louis Christian Mullgardt, Henry Gutterson, Gertrude Comfort, Masten and Hurd, and Julia Morgan. St Francis Wood is one of the country’s most successful examples of a City Beautiful “garden suburb.” Yes, we have occasional fog, but we also have sunshine, views of the Pacific Ocean, and all that San Francisco can offer. Truly, a place to leave one's heart!


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Governing Document Updates 2016

The St. Francis Homes Association is in the process of updating its CC&Rs, Articles, and By-laws. Residents are encouraged to review and comment on these documents by (registering) and signing into the website and clicking on "pages and links." For more information please email stfrancishomes@gmail.com or call 415-681-0493. All homeowners are encouraged to participate in these important discussions.