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St. Francis Wood has four prominent parks and several green spaces. These are owned and maintained by the St. Francis Homes Association for the private use of the residents and their guests.

Terrace Green Park
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Terrace Green Park can be accessed via Terrace Drive, which forms its northern boundary, and Santa Clara Avenue, which forms its western boundary. In the Olmsted Brothers' plan, this park was designed to provide a recreation area for both children and adults and included lawn areas, tennis courts, a clubhouse, and a sidewalk system that divided the park into a series of three level lawn areas which were separated by graded slopes. The original sidewalk system was removed at some point, and the site currently consists of a long lawn with trees and shrubs around the perimeter, a basketball court near the southwest corner, and a children’s play area and two tennis courts in the east end. 

Excerpt from Gardens in the City: San Francisco Residence Parks, 1906–1940

October 2016

Santa Monica Park
mini park, santa monica & san lorenzo-5.
St. Francis Park
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St. Francis Plaza
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